A Note from VC Council Key Three | Camp Three Falls Update


October 10, 2023


Dear Ventura County Scouting Family,


We want to share with you a recent decision made by our Board of Directors regarding Camp Three Falls.

As you are aware, the past few years have presented significant challenges for Scouting. Naturally, these challenges have forced us to make tough but crucial decisions. Recently, on Saturday, September 30th, we convened a special board meeting to evaluate a presentation from the Camp 3 Falls Strategic Planning Committee. This committee spent a year in a focused group collecting data, conducting surveys, analyzing data, exploring options, discussing the program and our membership needs. They assessed numerous scenarios for the future of C3F, however, the stark reality is that our camp lacks sufficient customers to sustain its operations. Even with upgrades to our facilities and infrastructure, the camp's operation remained prohibitively expensive. It essentially became a choice between continuing camp operations or ensuring the survival of the Council.

This decision was heart-wrenching, particularly for those of us who have served, volunteered, or attended Camp Three Falls over its many decades of service to Scouting in Ventura County. Unfortunately, due to impending financial pressures, the Board has regrettably decided to close the camp.

We understand that there is much to explain regarding this decision, far beyond what can be covered in this email. The time, effort, and passion invested in making this decision, along with the collective sense of heartbreak, cannot be overstated. To aid in understanding the decision-making process, we have compiled a concise Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document (attached). Additionally, we have provided a link to the Board Presentation by the C3F Strategic Planning Committee and associated supporting information, allowing you to delve deeper into the magnitude of the committee's work and the Board's decision-making process.

We are looking forward to providing an even more robust program to our members through partnerships with other venues, groups, and neighboring councils. This approach will allow us to align with the scouts' desires and promote their continued interest and participation in Scouting.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your unwavering support, dedication, and engagement in Ventura County Scouting. We appreciate your trust in the Board of Directors to secure the future prosperity of our Council.


      Yours in Scouting,


    Jeff Zook                           Clyde Allen                                        George Villalobos

    Board President           Council Commissioner                Scout Executive